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Mr R. Ramsay, Tomich Saw-Mills, by Beauly.
Reference: 23353
Mr R. Ramsay, Tomich Saw-Mills...
Inverness Royal Academy Prefects 1949-1950. Rear: Vaila MacLeod, John Sanderson, Sandra Oliver, Judy Kelly, Brian MacDonald, Will Cameron, Kathyrn Robertson, Aithne Rogers, Lewis Nairn. Front: Ramsay Rae, Peggy MacLeod (VC), Scott Moffatt (C), Rector D.J MacDonald, Aileen Munro (C), Ross Martin (VC), Deirdre Munro. (Courtesy Inverness Royal Academy Archive IRAA_060).
Reference: IRAA
Inverness Royal Academy Prefec...
Rugby 1st XV 1948-1949. Rear: Ramsay Rae, Angus MacKenzie, Stanley D. Fleming. Middle: David Fletcher, John Sanderson, W.R Cameron, Martin Forrai, Ivan A. Fletcher, Lewis Nairn. Front: Harold C. Beaton (C), Allan E. Cameron, J. MacKenzie, Mr C.J Buchanan, Scott D. Moffat, Brian MacDonald. (Courtesy Inverness Royal Academy Archive IRAA_011).
Reference: IRAA
Rugby 1st XV 1948-1949. Rear: ...
Rugby 1st XV 1949-1950. Rear: Ivan Fletcher, Garry MacNaughton, Ian Notman, John Williams, Alistair MacPherson, Morton Fraser, Donald W. Fraser, James Smith, Michael Maxwell. Front: John Sanderson, Lewis Nairn, Scott Moffatt (C), Mr C.J Buchanan, Brian MacDonald, Ramsay Rae, Will Cameron. (Courtesy Inverness Royal Academy Archive IRAA_061).
Reference: IRAA
Rugby 1st XV 1949-1950. Rear: ...